Media Convergence I: The new advertising business “Consumer behaviour”

11 oct 2012 - 19:00 | Vic | #_CATEGORY |

Sitio: UVIC | Universitat de Vic Dirección: C/ Sagrada Família, 7, Vic

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Media convergence Less interuption More conversation

Media Convergence

UVic | Universitat de Vic | Facultat d’Empresa i Comunicació

Focus: Consumer behaviour

Advertising Seminar for creative and digital heads. The digital world has changed the consumers role, purchase´s rules and most of the middle men.
So what? The key to survive: less interruption, more conversation (but screen, prevailed)


Case study presentation by Guest Speaker: Armando Liussi D. “New advertising business: Less interruption, more conversation” How the emergence of new media technologies is altering the balance of power between consumers and marketers, alternative approaches to advertising in the digital environment.


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